Orca Swimrun Perform Herr

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Orca swimrundräkt Perform. Bra flyt, enorm flexibilitet. Här hittar du allt din simning & swimrun behöver! Prisgaranti.

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Leverantör: Orca

Orca Perform Swimrundräkt

Orca Perform våtdräkt för Swimrun 2021-modell.
De avtagbara armarna kan bäras under kallare förhållanden samtidigt som de med fördel lämnas hemma under varmare förhållanden.

The new Perform range has been designed with the goal of offering a modular solution to all types of swimrunners. You can adapt the wetsuit to your needs in order to find the perfect solution for you. The Swimrun Perform is a high-quality Yamamoto wetsuit that is extremely flexible so that you can put your best foot forward while running, without sacrificing the buoyancy you need to gain momentum in the water. The all-purpose wetsuit for swimrunners.


The inner and outer pockets on the legs can hold Swimrun Pads in order to give you extra buoyancy where you need it most. You can combine your Swimrun Pads with an extra pair to get more buoyancy or remove them for more freedom of movement. In addition, thanks to its removable sleeves, this wetsuit can adapt to any climate.


The 2-mm panels in the arms, combined with the new DuraSkin material, allow this suit to be extremely flexible not only when you are swimming, but also when you are running, so that the thickness of the neoprene doesn’t get in your way.


The new DuraSkin material on the lower body protects the suit from any abrasion caused by accessories or obstacles.


The new Swimrun Perform features many pockets so that you can store everything you need. It has two large outer pockets on the legs where you can store Swimrun Buoyancy Pads, a large back pocket with a zipper, two inner pockets and two chest pockets, one with elastic mesh for easy access and another with a zipper for storing important items like car keys and money.  

It also has a back pocket with a lot of storage capacity, to hold all the accessories you need, such as GPS or removable sleeves, as well as interior pockets which are ideal for storing any food or paddles.

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